Web Design Portfolio


Sparky is an open-source web application for monitoring solar energy on a large scale. Sparky can be used to track overall energy production and financial gains. Sparky can also be used as an alert system to monitor the functionality of systems, sites, and devices.

More information available upon request.

E.S. Jameson

E.S. Jameson writes historical fiction for adults and young adults. She backpacks through the very mountains about which she writes and was inspired to begin her novel, Moonshine Murder, after stumbling across an abandoned cabin during a trek deep in the San Juan Mountains.

Erin was the 2013 president of Women Writing the West, and is an active member of the organization. A graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in English, she lives in Southwest Colorado with her husband and two sons.

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Sue McWilliams for LPEA

During Sue McWilliams (successful) run for the District 4 seat on the LPEA (La Plata Electric Association) Board of Directors, I managed her website as well as some of her social media presence.

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High Desert Honey

High Desert Honey is a fifth generation beekeeping business. We produce raw regional honey in Southwest, Colorado.

Our honey goes straight from the hive to jar. We harvest desert wildflower, and honeydew honey.

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DueVoted is a voter information website providing you everything you need to know to be a successful and independent thinking voter. The website will provide information around Political Party platforms, affiliation quizzes, where and how you can vote, and who and what is on the ballot.

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Miller Middle School Tech

I created a website to digitally host a manual I wrote detailing all the aspects of the Miller Auditorium Tech System.

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Paper Trail Bookkeeping

I am currently working on the website for a new Bookkeeping firm in Durango, CO- Paper Trail Bookkeeping

More details to come soon

Aspen Gold Investments

I designed this website for a local Real Estate and Investment firm. My work on the site primarily involved structuring the website as well as insuring all photos and information were placed in the correct locations that the client wanted them to be.

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Zada Lile - Professional Website

I designed this website for a local theater and film actress, Zada Lile.

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Durango Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission

More details coming soon!

This website!

I created and designed this website!

App Design Portfolio

Political Affiliation Quiz App

As part of a AP Computer Science Principals class, I designed and coded a fairly straightforward and simple Political Affiliation App/Quiz using JavaScript.

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Willy Wonka Character Quiz App

As part of an AP Computer Science Principals class, I designed and coded a more complex quiz using the same fundamental idea as the Political Affiliation quiz above, but the theme instead is "What Willy Wonka Character are you?"

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Planet Trivia App

This app was created in JavaScript as a project for AP Computer Science Principals. The goal of the project was to create a well functioning app that utilized imported data from the code.org database. For the project, we choose to utilize data in relation to planets.

App Design by: Lola Bradshaw

App Coded by: Ethan McGuinness

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The Presidents App

The Presidents App was created as a quiz app to determine a users knowledge on certain trivia facts around random presidents. The app was coded in JavaScript.

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Game O' War

This app was created as a final project for my AP Computer Science Principals class. It utilizes a database hosted on Github for the card images and all of the logic was coded in Javascript.

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Snow Day Calculator

Coming Soon!

Random Password Generator

Coming Soon!

I have also developed a variety of different projects in Java as part of the AP Computer Science A class I am taking this year at Durango High School.

Video/Audio Editing Portfolio

E.S. Jameson Book Trailers

I have created two book trailers for the Moonshine Murder Mysteries Book Series.

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Sue McWilliams Campaign Videos

We created several campaign video's for Sue McWilliams campaign during the COVID-19 Shutdown.

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Miller Middle School Production of "Quaran-Teens"

The Miller Drama Class proudly presents, Collaboration in Isolation, a Story of Quaran-Teens!

These students worked hard (and independently) throughout our isolation to create scripts, film, and find ways to talk about their experiences through truth and humor.

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Miller Middle School and Durango High School Choir Audio Editing

I edited several audio clips for the Miller Middle School and Durango High School Choirs that were used during performances

If you would like to see examples of this work, please email me at- me@ethanmcg.com

Super Happy Awesome News

I am currently editing the Durango Arts Center virtual production of "Super Happy Awesome News" (A link and more information will be posted here soon)

Durango Arts Center- Digital Follies Production

I will be editing the Durango Arts Centers virtual Kids Follies production soon. (A link and more information will be posted here soon)

Sound/Light Board Work

Durango Arts Center

I am currently a student theater technician for the Durango Arts Center and mange their Sound and Light Boards for a variety of Kid and Adult Shows/Productions.

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Miller Middle School

I operate the sound and light boards regularly for Choir Concerts at Miller Middle School. As I no longer attend the school, I run their equipment less regularly.

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Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

I operated the sound on the train and train platform for The Polar Express Train Ride

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Multiple Portable Sound Systems

During my time at The Durango Arts Center, Miller Middle School and DSNGR, I have set up and operated several portable sound systems for a variety of purposes.